Friends of the Bridegroom

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By Brad Stroup

Jesus often spoke of His death and what would happen once He was gone.  On one such occasion He stated that in His absence His dearest friends would long for His nearness and would begin to fast and mourn for His return.  These lovesick friends would thus become living messages declaring His life, death, resurrection and certain return.  Jesus called them friends of the Bridegroom who would represent a new era in Christianity.  Ultimately, this new breed of believer will usher in His return and will serve the final generation as those who are near to the Bridegroom and who declare heart in preparation for His coming.  This series looks at those friends as messengers of God who will have intimate friendship with Jesus in the decades before He returns.

Friends of the Bridegroom

  Session 1: Deep Friendship with Jesus

  Session 2: Messengers Who Prepare for His Coming

  Session 3: Living the Fasted Life