Resisting the Spirit of the Age

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By Brad Stroup

We are living in a morally confused culture that is embracing wrong at every turn and is beginning to violently oppose what it good, true and right.  This is the hour that we find ourselves living and our Bibles actually tell us that things are going to get a whole lot worse before Jesus returns.  As believers committed to hold to the truth and follow Jesus faithfully we need to identify and then learn how we can resist the spirit of the age that is quickly gaining ground all around us.  The hope of this series is to dialogue about the perversities that we are facing today in such a way that gives clarity as well as provides direction about what we can do to answer these difficult issues in love.

Resisting the Spirit of the Age

  Session 1: Defining the Spirit of the Age

  Session 2: Holding to the Supremacy of the Word of God

  Session 3: Our Sexually Confused and Pornified Culture