Sound the Alarm

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By Brad Stroup

It’s time to sound the alarm!  God is shaking the nations and America will not be exempt.  Recently there has been major flooding, devastating fires, damaging tornadoes, an unfathomable number called to evacuate due to a hurricane and an earthquake that shook six states all in the midst of continued terrorist activity on our shores.  All of these events have impacted various parts of America at virtually the same time.  This is unprecedented and our nation should be reeling over these tragedies, but instead there is a spirit of stupor over us!  The Church is supposed to know what is going on and be actively engaged in the conversation with Heaven about these things, but the lost world around us is more in tune with what is happening than the Church.  Understanding the hour that we are living in right now needs to become a premier issue for the Body of Christ to grow in. Jesus left us abundant information about what all of this means and even what else we can expect to see follow.  He told us how to recognize many signs that would be used by God to identify the generation that leads up to the return of the Lord.  We often refer to these as the signs of the times and they are discernible, important and are happening in our generation.  

Sound the Alarm

  Session 1: Signs in the Culture

  Session 2: Signs in the Earth

  Session 3: Signs in the Church