Power of a Focused Life

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By Brad Stroup

It is no surprise to us that focused people in the professional world are able to accomplish far more than those who choose to live aimlessly.  Living with focus in this life is powerful even for the lost; as believers however we have been given only a short time to grow in our relationship with Christ and to do the will of God.  If we are going to make the most out of this life then we need to have a life vision that aligns with what we want, the Word of God and that is centered around having a radical pursuit of God.  The Power of a Focused Life looks at the strength that is available to us when we live with measurable goals in mind; the hope of this series is to help us to develop time management skills so that we can live productive, intentional lives in this age.

Power of a Focused Life

  Session 1: Getting a Life Vision

  Session 2: Developing a Bible Action Plan

  Session 3: Our Most Precious Commodity