Breakthrough in Our Finances (Short Course)

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By Brad Stroup

Finances play a major role in our daily lives as well as in our life in God and so it is not surprising that the Bible prescribes multifaceted ways that we are partner with Him in the financial arena.  Like all 20 year olds I was mismanaging my money, was self focused and had no thought that God might have anything to say about how I ran my finances.  Something dramatically shifted for me when I began to see money as a means to encounter the living God and I saw Him respond to my weak efforts to partner with Him in His Kingdom through even small offerings.  This began an exciting journey with countless chapters of seeing God break in on my financial situation, repeatedly impact my heart and take my faith to new levels.  All of this has allowed me to see money as God’s money that I am simply stewarding over.  We’ve been given the most incredible opportunity to participate with God and encounter His power hitting our hearts and our daily lives as He responds to the seed sown in secret.  This series is a study of what the Bible describes as wisdom pertaining to the way we approach money and what we do with it.  It includes many encouraging stories from the past 15 years sowing into His Kingdom and seeing Him respond.

Breakthrough in Our Finances (Short Course)

  Session 1: Introduction to God's Economy

  Session 2: Encountering God Through Giving

  Session 3: Give and it Will be Given to You

  Session 4: Tithing and Hard Work

  Session 5: Intercessory Giving

  Session 6: Staying in the Center of His Will

  Session 7: When it's Not Working

  Session 8: Healthy Financial Habits