Fire in the Night Internship

Join us as we EXHALT Jesus late into the NIGHT hours


We are proud to announce that this past September for the first time in many years TPR added sets to our schedule and launched into the night.  Over the past 14 years we have been careful to build our prayer room schedule in such a way that once we add a set to our schedule we never back off of those new hours. By the Lord’s grace and the steadfastness of our staff we have been able to uphold this commitment to the Lord since we began our first daily prayer sets back in Brad’s living room. On September 1st, 2019 our base added those first night watch sets to our permanent schedule (11pm-1am seven days a week).  This addition brought our live worship schedule up to 20 hours a day (opening at 5am and closing at 1am).  We are exited to celebrate this gift and invite you to come join us in the night.



After 14 years we are finally taking the night for Jesus.  We are looking for fiery young adults in the Dallas / Fort Worth area to come help us build.  If you are 18-35 years old and you are hungry for more of the Lord, longing for authentic community and desiring to be equipped to know God deeper and serve Him better, then we want to invite you to come spend this next semester with us serving the Lord in the night hours here at The Prayer Room Missions Base.  This semester will be a powerful time of encouragement, equipping and relationship building as the Holy Spirit moves in your life.  Set this season aside for the Lord to do a deep work in you.  Fire in the Night is designed to sow into you as you forge new friendships and encounter the Lord in a fresh way.  We believe this internship will help to equip you to passionately live for Jesus and want to encourage you to come be part of establishing our night watch this Fall. 


TUITION: $350  

ORIENTATION: May 9th      
DATES: May. 9th - Aug., 21st      

~20 /week                               

Done by 1am

Discounted Rates for Current Staff & Previous Internship Graduates

Current Staff Price: $200     /     Previous Intern Price: $75



The Prayer Room is the center of our base and time spent in God's presence is always one of the most impacting components of our internships. Our interns have consistently told us they were marked by the Lord through the concentrated time spent in the prayer room each week (12+ hours).

Awakening is your weekly theology class with teachings focused on drawing your heart closer to Jesus through the Word of God.  You will be both challenged and strengthened in your walk with God by these provoking classes. 

Forerunner Lifestyle

The Equipping Tools Class will be the most practical part of your week as you receive instruction about real life ways to strengthen your prayer life, enjoy your time in the Word, love God more wholeheartedly, and learn how to minister to people.  Then you will spend time together in class applying what you just learned.

Introduction to the End Times

The Intro to the End Times Class will help provide you with a broad understanding of the end times.  This is a very important subject for this generation to engage in as it becomes increasingly more clear that we are living in the decades leading up to Jesus’ return.

The Group Discussion Class is a laid-back time together with your fellow interns talking through various Bible passages.  The objective on these nights isn’t to get through the verses, but rather to enjoy the journey together as you discuss biblical themes related to prayer and knowing God.

A Generation Set Apart

Community Nights are fun and are intended to be an encouraging time each week for you to connect with your fellow interns in a more personal way.  These nights provide a small group feel and allow you to share what God is teaching you and pray for each other.  Often this will spill over into your dinner break and we encourage interns to go out to dinner or grab a bite and bring it back to the base. 

Apply for Fire in the Night here.

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