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IHOPU Training at TPR

The Prayer Room is delighted to announce that after 10 years of working closely with the International House of Prayer University (IHOPU) in Kansas City, we will be taking that partnership to a whole new level starting in fall 2020. Beginning August 17th, TPR will become an IHOPU Educational Partnership Location.

An educational partnership location of IHOPU combines all the benefits of a robust IHOPU education with a local spiritual community of believers who are on the same journey right here in our city. This partnership will offer a unique experience as students will virtually attend IHOPU classes—receiving instruction from IHOPU faculty—while finding community and completing their prayer room hours at the TPR Missions Base.

IHOPU’s mandate has always been to equip and send out believers in wholehearted love to preach the Word, heal the sick, serve the poor, plant houses of prayer and praying churches, and proclaim the return of Jesus as King before He comes. This equipping will now be possible right here at TPR.

One aspect that we're most excited about with this program is the incredible opportunity to combine the training that IHOPU students receive with the thriving community of TPR. Our community of young adults is centered around serving the Lord while having a strong vision to build night-and-day prayer. From serving on worship teams together to spontaneous volleyball and game nights, IHOPU students will be jumping into our community right from the start.

We invite you to come and grow academically, spiritually, and relationally this semester as an IHOPU student here at TPR!


Schools of IHOPU

Students will be able to choose from a 1-year, 2-year, or 4-year IHOPU certificate, and may sign up for either the Forerunner School of Ministry (FSM) or the Forerunner School of Worship (FSW).

Forerunner School of Ministry       Forerunner School of Worship

The Forerunner School of Ministry (FSM) exists to equip this generation in the Word and the power of the Spirit for the bold proclamation of the Lord Jesus and His kingdom before He comes.  Our students embrace in-depth biblical training in the context of a thriving missions base fueled by prayer and worship in order to become forerunner messengers that understand the unique realities of this generation. 


At the Forerunner School of Worship (FSW), students are equipped to become prophetic singers, musicians, sound producers, songwriters, and worship leaders.  Our training prepares them to thrive in the modern worship movement whether in houses of prayer, local churches, or other contexts all over the earth.  We focus on intercessory worship that reflects the worth of Christ and releases the power of God.

Course Curriculum for First Year Students

Whether you are interested in growing in your theology or in worship training, there is an excellent lineup of courses. Students will be enriched through classes such as Foundations of Intercession, How to Study the Bible, God’s Plan for Redemption, Prayer and Ministry Practicum, and more.

For a full list of the first-year courses, visit global.ihopu.org/coursemap


The above is the schedule for the first quarter of the Fall 2020 semester.

Prayer: Prayer room hours served in TPR’s prayer room

Break: This time is intended for lunch (not provided)

Classes: All classes occur on site in TPR’s classroom

Day Off: This is intended to be students one full day off

Encounter: Encounter Service located in TPR’s prayer room

Church: Students are free to choose which church they attend on a weekly basis on Sundays, but it is a requirement of all IHOPU students to be plugged into a local church here in the DFW area.  Our staff will help those coming in from out of town find a good fit.

Students will be able to connect with eachother and TPR’s community through various scheduled and unscheduled community activities.

Students will also be required to serve on a minimum of three (3) prayer meetings in each week.  Students will be able to choose to serve as the worship leader, singer, musician, usher, or section leader at these required prayer meetings as required for their practicum hours.

Tuition and Expenses

As part of the launch of this new program, IHOPU is offering a 65% reduction in tuition for the first year.  Students can attend IHOPU at TPR this year for $250 a month (for 9 months), tuition payments are due on the 15th of each month beginning Aug. 15th. This price is for FSM. As part of this intial offer students will also recieve a 25% scholarship for each following year you enroll with our Educational Partnership Location.  For a detailed descriptionof tuition for each of the IHOPU schools offered, visit global.ihopu.org/tuition.

TPR is thrilled to partner with IHOPU in their newest program offered for the equipping, training, and raising up of ministers on the earth. We invite you to join us on our missions base right here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area this semester while attending IHOPU. 

If you're interested in speaking with someone at IHOPU to learn more about this new program, you can do so be completing this form

If you're ready to apply, don't wait! You can register for the fall 2020 semester!



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