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My time with The Prayer Room
by Dwayne Roberts (Campus Pastor- Upper Room Denver)

The Prayer Room in Dallas Texas is one of the most stunning things I have seen in a really long time.  The courage that this team has walked in amazes me!  I look at Brad Stroup and see a rare one in the earth.  The Lord spoke to him to start leading daily prayer meetings at 5:00am in September 05 and he has never stopped; I LOVE IT.  I truly see a band of Gideons who will one day see a Great Victory.

-Dwayne Roberts

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The Prayer Room - Our Host for the Onething Dallas Regional
by Wes Martin (Former Director of Onething Conferenc)

The Prayer Room served our team so well and went above and beyond in their hospitality and labor for the conference. I pray that they reap musicians, singers and intercessors for the labor of building persistent prayer and worship!

I spent some time with the leadership team on Saturday afternoon, saw their current prayer room, the new facility they’re looking to get into very soon and an inside peak of their weekly labor that has been going on for over 5 years. I was so impressed with their steadfast spirit and willingness to give their strength, time and money to building a place where Jesus is praised and adored 24/7, which is their goal.

As I sat with them the word I was sensing from the Lord was faithfulness. Over and over my heart was moved with compassion as I could sense God’s heart for them and a phrase that He was saying over them. That phrase: “you are being faithful in what I’ve called you to do, you are faithful, you are faithful, you are faithful…”

Many times we think that the Lord isn’t really with us in our attempts of ministry until the ministry gets big with tons of people, cool websites, everyone talking about it, etc. Sometimes we think that God’s favor only looks big, visible, growing and thriving. Well for this group of leaders that hasn’t been the case. The Prayer Room has mostly remained small with not many knowing about them. Many could easily say that God’s favor must not be with them or the Lord isn’t really taking them serious. They are unmoved by this in their reach and work for God.

The Lord is watching during these times of smallness more than we may think. These times matter to God, matter dramatically actually. These are the times we prove our sincerity, our true heart to serve and love God and God alone. These are the times for us to show God that with our without the attention of the crowds, the buzz of the community or excitement for the next meeting we’re going to stay steady continuing on in what He has called us to do.

As I sat with the team and heard of their day in and day out labor of prayer meetings with only a few in the room, at hard times of the day my heart was bursting with the word of the Lord for them! The Lord sees, the Lord knows our labor, He’s watching and He is so moved when we stay steady and remain faithful during the small times. When it’s small He is with us! When it’s hard He is with us! These times matter to God.

-Wes Martin

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Building the House of Prayer
by Billy Humphrey (Director of IHOP Atlanta)

Brad Stroup is a man who is consumed with zeal for the house of prayer. It's rare to find a leader who is as filled with godly character as he is gripped with holy fire.  Brad is one such leader.  I am excited about the work He and his team are doing in Dallas/Fort Worth and believe the Lord is raising them up as a forerunner ministry for the prayer movement in the region. I recommend Brad Stroup and The Prayer Room and encourage all who have a heart for intercession and revival to participate in this promising Kingdom expression.

-Billy Humphrey

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Brad Stroup and The Prayer Room
by Adam McCain (Senior Pastor of Church on the Hill)

“From the tribe of Issachar, there were 200 leaders of the tribe with their relatives. All these men understood the signs of the times and knew the best course for Israel to take (1Ch. 12:32 NLT).”  

Brad Stroup and his team at The Prayer Room are modern day Sons of Issachar.  They have a passionate desire to know not just His ways, but to know Jesus personally and His heart for our world today.  They have ministered before the Lord daily for a number of years in a balanced, submitted, life-giving way.     

-Adam McCain

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A Faithful Group of Young Leaders
by Tom Grossman (Director of Grace House of Prayer)

The Prayer Room is made up of an outstanding group of wonderful young adults who devote their lives to day and night worship, the study of the word, intercession and outreach. Over the past 20 months I have been able to invest considerable time with this ministry, first as a teacher and trainer and most recently as one who participates in their well run prayer meetings. These meetings serve as a source of continual renewal for my heart and ministry.  In addition, I am continually challenged by the devotion to Christ this group demonstrates, their teach ability and the amazing love they have for the church in the region. The Lord has poured out His grace on this ministry and seasoned their leadership team way beyond their years. Whether you are looking for a great house of prayer to serve or to invest finances in, I wholeheartedly recommend The Prayer Room DFW and its Director Brad Stroup.

-Tom Grossman

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