Biblical Teaching Series
The Prayer Room Teaching Series

At The Prayer Room we are very thankful for the teaching resources that we have to offer you free of charge.  For nearly 20 years our director, Brad Stroup, has devoted himself to studying and teaching the Word of God.  He loves to encourage as well as provide practical instruction to God’s people wherever he has opportunity to teach.  For the past several years our base has really been focused on developing resources on various forerunner themes, such as The Prayer Movement, Intimacy with Christ and The End Times.  Below you will find dozens of free teaching series on these and other prayer themes.  

The Prayer Movement & The Priesthood

God is orchestrating an unprecedented move of His Holy Spirit in the Earth today, in just the past few decades He has begun to raise up praying expressions of His Church across the nations.  The aim of these resources is to address various themes related to what God is awakening in this unique hour of history.

Recommended: TPR's Prophetic History

TPR's Prophetic History

The Praying Church

TPR Essential Message (Short Course)

A  Brief History of the Prayer Movement

Called to be an Intercessory Missionary

Global End Time Prayer Movement

Calling TPR to Steadfastness (Short Course)

Importance of Intercession

The House of His Delight

Making the House of Prayer Personal

Building His Priesthood

Tabernacle of David (Short Course)

Vow of David

Casting Vision for the HOP

End Time Themes

There is perhaps more information in the Bible on the generation that the Lord returns than any other time period, event, or topic in all of scripture.  Many are not familiar with the 150 + chapters that God gave us on this important subject and so don’t have a biblical foundation for what they believe about the end times.  The unfolding of the end time drama is a major part of God’s overall plan of redemption, which ends in the second coming of the Christ.  These teaching series cover a wide variety of subjects related to the trends and events that the scriptures prophesy will unfold in the final generation.

Recommended: Intro to the End Times

Harlot Babylon (Short Course)

Signs of the Times (3 Part Series)

The Two Witnesses

Cities of Refuge (Short Course)

Babylon's Final Reprise

Martyrdom in the Last Days

God's End Time Plan for Israel

Life in the Millennial Kingdom

Bridegroom, King, and Judge

The Great Falling Away

Eschatology in the Psalms

The Victorious Church at the End of the Age

The Coming Difficulties

Intro to the End Times (Short Course)

Second Coming Procession (Short Course)

Clothed in the Resurrection

Ministry of the Antichrist & False Prophet


Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation has much clarity for this generation; God has the entire Bible written in such a way that His people might understand it and apply its teachings.  The final chapters of our scripture are not for the scholars only; just the opposite, everyone is called to understand the Book of Revelation and so to prepare for what it says is coming.  These teaching resources are aimed at equipping believers to read, interpret and rightly understand the Book of Revelation and it's many themes.

Recommended: Tour of Heaven

Tour of Heaven (Short Course)

Hymns of Revelation

After the Millennium

Letters to the Seven Churches

Jesus in the Book of Revelation

God's Throne Room

Understanding the Book of Revelation

The Spirit and the Bride Say Come

Intro to the End Times (3 Part Series)

Navigating the Pressures of This Generation

The Bible tells us that Church in the final generation will face some unique pressures that will require us to live differently.  These resources are meant to help us understand the generation we are living in and how we can navigate this unique time in human history. 

Recommended: Faithful Till He Comes

Signs of the Times (Short Course)

Sound the Alarm

Urgency of the Hour

The Perfect Storm

Islam, Isis and Jihad (Short Course)

Answering the Present Crisis in America

Resisting the Spirit of the Age

Intimacy with Christ

We were created for intimate fellowship with the God; those who draw near to the Him will experience the deep riches of knowing His heart.  It's from this place of intimate knowledge of who He is that He begins to release revelation of what He wants.  The longing of God's heart is to have a people who love Him and who are willing to partner with Him in the place of prayer.  These resource series focus on the person of Jesus and how we can cultivate intimacy Him. 

Recommended: Worth of Christ

Worth of Christ

Prayer & Intimacy with God

The Gift of Salvation

First Love

Friends of the Bridegroom

Gospel of Distorted Grace

The Devoted Life

Greatest Commandment

Cultivating a Life of Prayer

Now Faith Is

Wholehearted Living
House of Prayer Leadership
There are perhaps a countless number of strategies on how to organize people to begin praying and then continue praying together for sustained seasons of time (years or even decades).  These House of Prayer Leadership Tracks are three part trainings aimed at leaders who are currently leading or who aspire to lead a praying church or house of prayer.  Each series breaks down one of the broader aspects of how to practically develop and administrate a prayer culture.  The sessions provide insights gleaned from dozens of houses of prayer as well as years of first hand experience.

Recommended: Beginning & Sustaining Prayer Meetings

Creating a Simple Prayer Model

Promotional Efforts

Building Your Team

HOP Administration

Beginning & Sustaining Prayer Meetings

Keeping the Vision Before the People

Overview of House of Prayer Leadership (Short Course)

How to Build the HOP Handbook

Organizing People to Pray

Building Community

Recruiting Mechanisms