Book of Revelation Chapter Outline

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Book of Revelation Chapter Outline

I. Chapter One: Introduction

Revelation 1:1-18

Purpose: In chapter one John introduces the book telling us who it is written to, where he is writing from and what the purpose for his writing.

Description of Jesus: It is called the Revelation of Jesus Christ so it is not surprising that chapter one is perhaps the most detailed account describing Jesus anywhere in the Bible giving us detail after detail about His nature and appearance.

II. Chapters Two & Three: Letters to the Seven Churches

Revelation 1:18-3:22

Letters from Jesus: Jesus Himself writes individual letters to seven specific churches in the region of Asia Minor (modern day Turkey). He includes unique details about their circumstances and His desire for them.

Application to the Church of the Last Days: These two chapters serve as a warning for and preparation to the Church that will live through the events of the end times. The seven letters identify what is most important to Jesus, how to endure intense persecution as well as provide perspective about the trials themselves.

III. Chapter Four: The Throne Room

Revelation 4:1-11

The Throne of God: Chapter four paints the most detailed picture of God’s Throne of any passage in the scriptures.

The Hosts of Heaven: We also are permitted to see all those who attend the Lord on His throne; it is here where we see the elders and the living creatures in constant worship.

IV. Chapter Five: The Lamb Takes the Scroll

Revelation 5:1-14

The Scroll of Heaven: The beginning of chapter five lays out a crisis in the Heavenly courts, the scroll of Heaven is sealed and no one can be found who is worthy to open it. This document represents ownership of the Earth in total authority.

C. The Slain Lamb: For the first time since the cross we see Jesus as the Slain Lamb. He is declared worthy to take the scroll and open it’s seven seals on account of the merit of His total sacrifice.

V. Chapter Six: The Seven Seals

Revelation 6:1-17; 8:1-5

The First Judgment Series: There are 3 sets of judgments in the Book of Revelation, the 7 Seals are the first, followed by the 7 Trumpets and then lastly the 7 Bowls. Chapter 6 describes the first 6 of the Seals while the 7th Seal is found in the first part of chapter 8.

Partial but Painful: These judgments are unlike anything the world has ever seen, and yet in many ways they are tamer than the ones that follow. These judgments mostly have a natural tone to them, especially when compared to the events of the following two series.

VI. Chapter Seven: The Great Multitude in Heaven

Revelation 7:1-17

Seal of Protection: We see where the servants of God are sealed on the forehead to protect them from the judgments – this answers the question “what happens to the Church during the 3 judgment series?”

The Multitude that Comes Up Out of the Tribulation: 144,000 Jews and an interminable number of Gentiles from every nation on Earth are described as those who come up out of the Great Tribulation.

VII. Chapters Eight & Nine: The Seven Trumpets

Revelation 8:1-9:21, 11:15-19

The Second Judgment Series: Chapters eight and nine describe the first 6 of the Trumpet judgments while the 7th is unveiled in chapter 11.

One Third in it’s Reach: These plagues are more severe than the Seals and they have a distinctively supernatural tone to them. Most of the judgments from this series parallel the plagues from the Exodus.

VIII. Chapter Ten: The Seven Thunders

Revelation 10:1-11

The Seven Voices Speak: Chapter ten tells us of seven messages that pertain to the end time drama that have been sealed up presumably until the time of the end. These messages are simply called the voices of the seven thunders.

Eat the Scroll: After these messages are proclaimed, for John heard them he just wasn’t permitted to write them down, he was then told to digest these messages and prophesy them at a later date. This of course speaks of the last days messengers meditating on these messages and then speaking them forth just as the prophet Ezekiel was instructed to do (Ezekiel 3:1-4).

IX. Chapter Eleven: The Two Witnesses

Revelation 11:1-14

Two Powerful Prophets: This chapter gives us the most details of anyplace in the Word on those commonly referred to as the Two Witnesses. These two men will arise as anointed, invincible messengers in the last days. They will lead the Church in message, power and prophecy against the Antichrist regime.

Duration of the Ministry: We are given repeated details that tell us these prophets will only be on the scene in Jerusalem for 3 ½ years after which they will be martyred by the Antichrist, raise from the dead and terrify the lost world.

X. Chapter Twelve: Satan’s War in Heaven

Revelation 12:1-17

- Actually chapters 12-14 are all really part of the same vision which have unnecessarily been divided into four separate chapters.

Satan Thrown Out of Heaven: The dragon, who is identified as Satan within the chapter itself is here shown as being found in the midst of a war in Heaven.

Satan Raging War on Earth: He and his forces will loose this future war and will be cast to the Earth where they will focus all their aggression on the Jewish people and the Church of God. This is the cause of much bloodshed in the form of demonically energized religious persecution.

XI. Chapter Thirteen: The Antichrist’s War on Earth

Revelation 12:10-13:18

Beast Worship: This chapter is dedicated to describing the person and nature of the Antichrist in much the same way that chapter one described Jesus. It paints the clearest picture we have in the scriptures of what the world-wide Antichrist worship movement will look like.

The False Prophet: Also we are introduced to the Antichrist’s right hand man, which is identified elsewhere in Revelation as the false prophet (Re. 19:20). He serves as the chief mouthpiece for the movement and acts on behalf of the Antichrist.

XII. Chapter Fourteen: The Harvest of the Earth

Revelation 14:1-20

Three Angelic Messengers: We see three angels commissioned to deliver three unique messages about how to avoid the final judgment.

The Wheat and the Tears: Here we see the great harvest of the Earth at the end of the age taking place in two waves. The wicked are taken off to be judged in the fires of Hell and the righteous are reaped by the Lord to be with Him forever.

XIII. Chapters Fifteen & Sixteen: The Seven Bowls of God’s Wrath

Revelation 15:1-16:21

The Final Judgment Series: The last of the 3 judgment series, the Bowls are poured out much quicker than the previous judgments. They maintain the supernatural destructive forces, which were introduced in the Trumpet judgments.

The Fullness of God’s Wrath: This series is described as the fullness of God’s wrath, which has been stored up until this hour, they equate to total annihilation in whatever spheres they manifest. As terrible as these judgments are they are called His righteous acts (Re. 15:4) and His just and true judgments (Re. 16:7).

XIV. Chapter Seventeen: Introducing the Harlot Babylon

A. Revelation 17:1-15

Description of the Harlot: A new adversary at the end of the age is introduced to the storyline of Revelation in chapter 17. John describes another sign he sees where he is shown the Queen or the Harlot of Babylon, she is depicted as totally wicked and full of compromise.

Relationship Between the Harlot and the Beast: This chapter describes the very unusual connection between the Antichrist and this system/city/culture that will arise called end time Babylon.

XV. Chapter Eighteen: Judgment of the Harlot

Revelation 17:16-19:5

The Antichrist Destroys Her: Babylon is destroyed and left burning by the Beast and his armies by use of military force.

God Releases His Judgments on Her: Also, God releases His destructive and punitive judgments against Babylon effecting her total and eternal destruction.

XVI. Chapter Nineteen: Elements of the 2nd Coming Procession

Revelation 19:6-19:21

The Wedding of the Lamb: We see the beautiful day of God where Christ receives His inheritance, the Bride -His Church. This is Heaven’s most long awaited moment of victory and joy as God’s worthy Son is married to His equally yoked Bride who will have made herself ready through the events of the Great Tribulation.

The Final Battle for Jerusalem: Jesus appears outside of Jerusalem where all the armies of the Earth have gathered to destroy the remnant left in Israel. Jesus and His army however march out in full force and completely annihilate the Antichrist army.

XVII. Chapter Twenty: The Millennial Reign of Christ

Revelation 20:1-15

The Millennium: Otherwise known as the Millennium, chapter 20 describes the 1000 year period of time where Christ will rule on the Earth. This chapter makes the time period clear as well as describing some of the particulars of what will transpire during that time including Satan being locked in prison for the whole 1000 years.

Satan’s Final Rebellion: At the end of the 1000 years Satan is released from prison and is given one final opportunity to deceive the nations. He is unbelievably successful in this endeavor and seeks to usurp Christ as King. He wholly fails in his attempt and is then ultimately sentenced to the Lake of Fire forever.

XVIII. Chapter Twenty-One: The New Jerusalem

Revelation 21:1-22:6

The Eternal City: Chapter twenty-one gives us the most detailed description of the Heavenly City called the New Jerusalem that we have in the whole Bible.

Eternal Bliss: The city not only houses the redeemed forever but it is here we learn much about what that state of existence will look like. We are told in this chapter that God the Father will make His home with us forever.

XIX. Chapter Twenty-Two: I Am Coming Soon

Revelation 22:7-21

The Final Words of Christ: The last chapter in Revelation is also the last chapter in our Bible. It serves as a true conclusion to the Bible that began this age with “In the beginning (Ge. 1:1)” it now ends with the promise that Jesus is coming to begin the next age.

Jesus’ Warnings: Here we are given Christ’ final thoughts for His Church, His final words to us are exhortations and warnings about His coming and about being found ready when He does. He warns us to pay close attention to the prophecies found in this book.

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