Prayer Guide for the Market Place

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Theme: Market Place

We pray for encounter and revival for people who spend most of their lives in the workplace. We desire to see God move on powerful levels not only in church meetings, but also in the many businesses all throughout this Metroplex. We pray and hope to see the gap close between the place of prayer and the market place. That compromise would fade away, and believers would experience the power of God even at their place of employment. We desire that Christians across this city would be emboldened with the gospel, and take it to all their coworkers spreading the Kingdom of God throughout this city. Our prayer is that many would come to know Christ in the work place, from the blue collar workers to white collar CEO’s. Biblically it was the business men of that time who funded the building of the house of prayer.  So it is our desire to see that God would mightily move his kingdom forward in the market place of this Metroplex.

Praying for individuals in the work place

Intercession for specific people by name for God’s favor, Encouragement, Strengthening, Encounter.

  • Biblical Prayers: Ephesians 3:14; 2 Corinthians 9:8
  • Prophetic Promises:  Psalms 84:11

Market Place to Finance the Kingdom

That business would finance the HOP, God directed mission objectives, the hurting and the oppressed, kingdom, for the End Time transfer of wealth, and for the Godly to have favor and be promoted.

  • Biblical Prayers: 2 Corinthians 9:10
  • Prophetic Promises: Malachi 3:8

Ministry/Evangelism in the Workplace

Kingdom purposes to move forward, boldness in presenting the gospel, holding to Christian ethics, lost to be impacted by believing coworkers, to see the workplace as their ministry field, and to not compromise.

  • Biblical Prayers: Matthew 9: 37
  • Prophetic Promises: Luke 19:2

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