What is an Intercessory Missionar

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What is an Intercessory Missionary?

A New Paradigm:

There is a new paradigm of mission work that God is initiating. For quite some time most ministry work has centered on the Second Commandment; reaching out to the world with the love of God. However, for the work of the Second Commandment to be effective and anointed it should be accomplished by individuals whose hearts are alive and passionate in intimacy through experiencing the reality of the First Commandment; loving the Lord God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. It is essential that we purpose to restore the First Commandment to first place. With the First Commandment in first place, hearts are energized in love. Outreach to the lost then becomes a natural overflow of a life that is soaring in intimacy with God.

A Specific Lifestyle:

An intercessory missionary is one who has committed to prayer and fasting as the first work of ministry with a view to establishing a 24 hour canopy of prayer that will help to make outreach more anointed and effective for the church in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. Intercessory missionaries are supported through partner development and financial support. An intercessory missionary is the modern day equivalent of a Levite in the Tabernacle of David.

“These are the singers…of the Levites, who lodged in the chambers, and were free from other duties; for they were employed in that work day and night (1 Ch. 9:33).”

“He appointed some of the Levites to minister before the ark of the LORD, to make petition, to give thanks, and to praise the LORD, the God of Israel (1Ch. 6:14):”

A New Season:

It is time for the church to rise up and abandon herself to Jesus in lovesick worship with fasting and purity in order to more effectively preach the Gospel, heal the sick and serve the poor. Millions of Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims fast and pray with an intensity unknown by the Western Church. The Holy Spirit is answering the fasting of the world religions by raising up a globally unified church that fasts, worships and prays to Jesus as a lovesick Bride in all purity. This is the call, this is the mark of an intercessory missionary!

Prayer Focuses:

A. Fullness of the Holy Spirit and Church Unity:

Spiritual breakthroughs in the Church worldwide with unprecedented unity, purity and power (Jn. 14:12, 17:2-23; Re. 19:7-8).

B. The Great Harvest:

Over one billion souls to be converted by the power of God (Mt. 24:14).

C. Youth Revival Movement:

Worldwide revival especially among the youth and poor of the earth (Ma. 4:6).

D. Revival to Israel:

Fulfillment of all the promises to the remnant of Israel (Ro. 9-11).

E. Birthing of Houses of Prayer:

The release of grace for prayer and fasting combined with worship to establish 24 hour a day houses of prayer in this city and the cities of the earth (Is. 56:6-8, 62:6-7).

F. Wealth of the Nations:

Release of finances for the Harvest, the prayer movement, and the poor of the Earth (Hg. 2:7-9).

G. The Wall of Fire:

Divine protection for everything birthed by prayer (Zch. 2:5).