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Encounter Serivce

The Prayer Room’s weekly Encounter Service is a time for the whole community to come together for a time of worship, fellowship and in-depth Bible study where we focus on themes pertaining to prayer and the hour in which we live. Saturday nights are the one time each week that everyone from our various prayer meetings can all meet together, have vision cast for the House of Prayer, worship together, as well as fellowship and encourage one another. We invite anyone interested in who we are or what we are about to visit this weekly time where TPR gathers as one community. Worship begins at 7pm. For more information contact us at info@theprayerroomdfw.com

Upcoming Series: begins 08-18-18

When Antichrist Reigns

The Bible makes it clear that a terrible time is coming when the Antichrist will rise and reign on the Earth for a short period.  In this series we will look at what the scriptures have to say about that fateful hour of history and we will investigate some of what we can expect life to look like under the leadership of the most evil man in history. 


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Previous Series:

The Beauty and the Darkness

This series focuses specifically on the contrast between the beauty of the Lord and the darkness growing in men’s hearts.  Jesus’ nature, beauty and glory will be shown brighter in the last generation than at any other time in human history and at the same time the level of rejection of God’s goodness and invitation into redemption will be greater than ever before.  Both darkness and beauty will rise together and everyone will have to choose what to do with this man Jesus.  Each soul will make it’s own judgment about Him and His ways; to either see them as right and Him as beautiful or to embrace every dark inclination of the heart and refuse His light, love and truth.  This series is a look at the war that will be waged in the last days over the affections of the human heart related to the splendor of Jesus even in the midst of His judgments.


Teacher Bio: Brad Stroup

Brad Stroup has been teaching on themes related to the End Times for over 8 years on a weekly basis.For two years he spent every Encounter Service teaching through the Book of Revelation verse by verse. For a period of three years Brad prayerfully read through the Book of Revelation every week. 

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