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The Prayer Room’s weekly Encounter Service is a time for the whole community to come together for a time of worship, fellowship and in-depth Bible study where we focus on themes pertaining to prayer and the hour in which we live. Saturday nights are the one time each week that everyone from our various prayer meetings can all meet together, have vision cast for the House of Prayer, worship together, as well as fellowship and encourage one another. We invite anyone interested in who we are or what we are about to visit this weekly time where TPR gathers as one community. Worship begins at 7pm. For more information contact us at info@theprayerroomdfw.com

The Great Tribulation

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The End Time Role of Blood Fire and Smoke

The Bible describes the end times as full of surprising realities; many of which will be disruptive and destructive.  God has ordained a unique set of end time trends specific for that hour of human history.  At first glance some of these seem impossible because of how disturbing they are; one such trend is the unexpected role that blood, fire and smoke will play in the end time drama.  The unnatural pouring out of this deadly combination will cause major interruptions around the globe and we are intended to see these as signs from Heaven.  God will use blood, fire and smoke in unprecedented ways to punish man’s rebellion against Him.  The use of these elements in this punitive way is both intriguing and quite unsettling.

The Great Tribulation

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The Great Tribulation

The great tribulation is the promised future time of unequaled distress in the Earth as well the hour of God’s greatest victory.  Jesus said that this would be the time of fulfilling punishment of all that had been written and the release of God’s judgments on those who oppose Him.  In a phrase the great tribulation can rightly be called the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord; it will far eclipse the difficulty of any other time in history and will usher in the age to come.  For three and a half years Satan will be openly worshiped while the Church will rise into her full destiny in the midst of the trial.  God will use the events of the great tribulation to punish the wicked, to overthrow the governments of the nations, to destroy the old infrastructure, to exalt His Church, to make the authority of His Christ known and to bring everything to a climax at the end of this age.


Teacher Bio: Brad Stroup

Brad Stroup has been teaching on themes related to the End Times for over 8 years on a weekly basis.For two years he spent every Encounter Service teaching through the Book of Revelation verse by verse. For a period of three years Brad prayerfully read through the Book of Revelation every week. 

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