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Encounter Serivce

The Prayer Room’s weekly Encounter Service is a time for the whole community to come together for a time of worship, fellowship and in-depth Bible study where we focus on themes pertaining to prayer and the hour in which we live. Saturday nights are the one time each week that everyone from our various prayer meetings can all meet together, have vision cast for the House of Prayer, worship together, as well as fellowship and encourage one another. We invite anyone interested in who we are or what we are about to visit this weekly time where TPR gathers as one community. Worship begins at 7pm. For more information contact us at info@theprayerroomdfw.com

Upcoming Series: begins 11-25-17

Creation's Groan

The Bible depicts our world as the precious garden which God created in order to nurture and sustain human life.  Since the fall of man the entire created order has been stained with the guilt of sin and scripture describes creation as groaning for all the wrong things to be made right.  Right now the world is crying out for the return of the Savior who will restore all things, renew this present Earth and completely remove the sin that has contaminated it.  In this series we will look at both the positive and negative aspects of how this longing will manifest in the Earth; this will include many surprising details that make it clear that Earth has a personality and is determined to express herself in some powerful ways in the midst of the unfolding of the end time drama.  

The Great Tribulation

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False Messengers of the Last Generation

The New Testament often highlights a disturbing trend that will touch the Church in the final generation in profound ways.  The Bible describes a significant increase of deception that is coming to the globe; it details the vast scope of impact that deceiving ideas will have in the last days as well as the alarming anointing that will accompany them.  If we are not careful we will be poisoned by false teaching, wowed by false signs and even believe in false Christs.  The power to overcome these great deceptions is simple; believe the Bible and live out it’s teachings.  There will be many who stray from the truth and so are caught in the web of deception that is a promised component for the last generation.  Those that are not grounded in the truth will be likely to fall to the persuasion of intoxicating false ideas and systems that are forming even now and which will fully develop in the coming decades. 


Teacher Bio: Brad Stroup

Brad Stroup has been teaching on themes related to the End Times for over 8 years on a weekly basis.For two years he spent every Encounter Service teaching through the Book of Revelation verse by verse. For a period of three years Brad prayerfully read through the Book of Revelation every week. 

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