Wholehearted Living - Forerunner Calling - Teaching by Brad Stroup

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By Brad Stroup

The generation that the Lord returns to is unique in history, one that requires a specific message and specific sort of messenger.  The truths that will be stressed during this unique timeframe are firmly rooted in the scriptures but will seem like new ideas because of the direction that the Enemy plans to take the culture and conscience the generation that will see the Lord’s return.  It is a primary purpose of the forerunner ministry to warn about His coming, His judgments and to get the word out about how to partner with the Lord as these end time realities unfold.  It is the Lord’s heart to let the Church and lost world know what is about to happen ahead of time so that they might have the chance to repent and prepare for what is coming.  The Lord is calling forth forerunner messengers in this hour.  This series helps to explain the dynamics that the last generation will face, making it clear that this will be different from every other time in human history and so the rules are different.

Forerunner Calling

  Session 1: The Forerunner Ministry

  Session 2: The Forerunner Message

  Session 3: The Forerunner Generation