The Prayer Movement & The Priesthood - Tabernacle of David - Bible Teaching by Brad Stroup

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By Brad Stroup

It is important that we know what the Bible really teaches & testifies regarding this mysterious subject so that we may believe rightly and correctly perceive what is happening in the Earth today.  The scriptures testify that King David had a tent (commonly referred to as the Tabernacle of David) where he kept the fire burning of day and night worship for half of his lifetime.  In this study we will peer into the heart of David, the man God said had a heart after His own and look at the ancient worship order, which he established in that tent.  As we see how David lived his life and gauge the lavish attention that he gave to maintain the house of prayer in his day we can learn many things about the heart of God.

Tabernacle of David (Short Course)

  Session 1: Overview of David's Worship Ministry

  Session 2: The H.O.P. Before King David

  Session 3: The Man David

  Session 4: Purpose of the Tabernacle

  Session 5: Prophesied Restoration

  Session 6: Administration of the Tabernacle

  Session 7: Worship in the Tabernacle

  Session 8: Testimony of the Psalms