Islam, Isis and Jihad

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By Brad Stroup

We are living in very uncertain times.  America is fighting an enemy that cannot be overcome by traditional warfare nor can this enemy be defined by geography, nationality or race.  We are facing a far-reaching religious ideology that is currently still widely misunderstood and underestimated.  The threat posed is a Church issue even more than it is a national one and the people of God cannot afford to remain uninformed about the threat that Islamic Jihad will have in the next decade.  The recent rise of ISIS is only one of an unending number of terrorists groups that have and will continue to form; all of them share a demonic agenda that is based in the teachings of the Quran and which has significant end time implications.  God has great zeal to see even the worst of sinners turn to His saving grace whether Muslim or atheist.  It is therefore important that we understand the spiritual fight we have found ourselves in and that we know how to rightly combat what is coming.  These teachings will introduce some concerning realities about Islam; address the immediate threat of ISIS and help us to better understand the Jihadists’ agenda.

Islam, Isis and Jihad (Short Course)

   Session 1: Making Sense of What's Happening

  Session 2: Foundations of the Islamic Faith

  Session 3: The Teachings of the Quran

  Session 4: Purpose and Function of Jihad

  Session 5: Islamic Perspective on the End Times

  Session 6: The Global Mandate for Sharia Law

  Session 7: What the Prophets are Saying

  Session 8: The Demanded Response