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Holy Stubbornness: Don’t Quit on Your Calling
August 30, 2018

Building a house of prayer is NOT easy. I’ve heard multiple leaders say it’s the hardest thing they’ve ever done–way harder than planting a church, doing overseas missions, etc. Really, the only reason this place is still standing is that years ago, God graciously gave us a holy stubbornness to […] [READ MORE]

Testimony: My Sister Got HEALED of Scoliosis!
July 27, 2018

This past week, my sister Elise came to visit me at The Prayer Room for a few days. We had a great time in the prayer room together, going to small group and Encounter service, treasure hunting through Texas Thrift, making the world’s best and simplest marinated chicken, and even visiting the […] [READ MORE]

Meet My “Chickens” – Interns and Externs!
July 5, 2018

It’s been too long since I posted an update here. A lot of things happened all at once, but I’ve finally caught my breath and can share some pics and news! First of all, just to bless you (or click video link HERE): In my role as head of the Forerunner Equipping Center at […] [READ MORE]

“He is a real Person with arm hair” – IHOPU Graduation Speech
June 15, 2018

It’s rare that I post things on my blog that I did not write, but this is a highly remarkable exception. IHOPU celebrated its 2018 graduation on May 19. On that day, Mike Bickle, the founder and senior leader of IHOPKC, was supposed to give a speech. Instead, he gave […] [READ MORE]

Prophetic Testimonies from TPR
April 8, 2018

It’s been a fun month for prophetic testimonies!! I’ve personally had four or five separate occasions the past few weeks of people giving me prophetic words out of the blue when I was least expecting it, and that’s not normal for me. (Yes, they were very encouraging and several of […] [READ MORE]

Easter: The Promise of Future Resurrection
April 1, 2018

Happy Easter! He is risen! 2000ish years ago, He who was in the form of God took the form of man, the form of a servant, and humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. (Philippians 2:5-8) He was despised and rejected, pierced for […] [READ MORE]

What I'm Reading: Growing as a Prophetic Singer
March 22, 2018

I'm a prophetic singer in the house of prayer, but it kind of happened by accident. I've had very little musical training, and when I first went to IHOPU it was not with the intention of being trained as a singer or worship leader. I had a few opportunities to […] [READ MORE]

SSM Testimonies - Healed Achilles Tendon!
March 18, 2018

We’ve completed the first half of our School of Supernatural Ministry! Our six students have been really pressing in to hear the voice of God and to minister to each other. We’ve done several activations which involve asking God for His thoughts for each other. I’ve been so proud of […] [READ MORE]

May the Lamb That Was Slain Receive the Reward of His Suffering
February 25, 2018

The background image is an 1888 etching of the Moravian mission ship Harmony. On August 27, 1727, a prayer meeting started in Herrnhut, Germany, that lasted for over 100 years and went on the change the world. Its story begins when Protestant refugees from the Catholic country of Moravia came to Germany and […] [READ MORE]

Kansas City IHOPU Recruiting Trip
February 18, 2018

Every year, IHOPU in Kansas City, where I was a student for four years, hosts an externship expo and ministry fair for their students who will be required to serve on a senior externship. Various ministries and houses of prayer come to recruit students to come spend a season serving. This was […] [READ MORE]

What I'm Reading: Filming God
January 26, 2018

Ever since Finger of God came out in 2007, I have loved Darren Wilson and Wanderlust Productions’ series of documentaries exploring the supernatural invading the natural. There are so many stories of crazy healings, words of knowledge, casting out demons… and the stuff that’s harder to explain, like gold dust randomly showing […] [READ MORE]

2017 Highlight Video
January 24, 2018

Happy 2018, friends! It’s been quite the busy holiday season… and when I got home from California and Kansas City, I was immediately hit with preparations for The Prayer Room’s School of Supernatural Ministry! Now that it has officially launched on January 20, I can catch my breath and catch up […] [READ MORE]

Incarnation: The Humility of Jesus
December 16, 2017

WARNING:This post will be long, but if you take the time to read through it and let it soak into you, I believe it will be worth it. When we celebrate the Christmas story, there is a reality deeper than the quaint images of sheep in a stable and swaddling clothes […] [READ MORE]

Update: I've Joined Senior Staff at The Prayer Room!
December 14, 2017

Commissioning into senior staff on December 2 – video below Here’s kind of a cool life update for you. A few weeks ago, I accepted an invitation to join senior staff at The Prayer Room! Senior staff is the leadership team of The Prayer Room, made up of three men and three […] [READ MORE]

FAQ Page On Fragrance Arise
November 25, 2017

As you may have realised, the blogs I post here on The Prayer Room are reposts from my main blog, Fragrance Arise. There, I have not only some of the same posts you'll see here, but resources and my testimony and even several pages of FAQ about houses of prayer and […] [READ MORE]

TPR Staff Retreat 2017!
November 12, 2017

The annual The Prayer Room staff retreat is our highlight of the year. We rent a huge house on a beautiful property about an hour away in Rainbow, TX, and we spend the weekend playing games, vision casting/discussing, and generally enjoying each other’s company. One of the beautiful strengths of TPR is […] [READ MORE]

What I'm Reading: Jesus: The Seven Wonders of HIStory
November 8, 2017

It’s been a few weeks, but I’m super excited to share another installment of What I’m Reading with you. The past couple weeks, I’ve been reading a book called Jesus: The Seven Wonders of HIStory by David Pawson. I kind of found it by accident – I was doing research for a story on Mary […] [READ MORE]

What I'm Praying: Refreshing
October 18, 2017

Continuing my What I’m Praying series… The past few weeks, TPR has been focussed on praying for a time of deep refreshing to come to our community. This has been our rapid fire topic at the end of every set. To be honest, it’s been an exhausting year. Many people feel a bit […] [READ MORE]

What I'm Reading: Nazirite DNA
October 11, 2017

About seven or eight years ago when I was a student at APU, I came across a little booklet someone had left to share in the student prayer chapel. It was Nazirite DNA by Lou Engle, and I read it over and over and copied my favourite quotes into my […] [READ MORE]

What I'm Praying: Global Bridegroom Fast
October 4, 2017

Photo: @tprdfw on Instagram I’ve never blogged on fasting before, because I’ve wanted to be careful about the way I’m honoring Matthew 5:16-18. But this is important, and it is something that’s currently happening in our community, so if it can be an encouragement to anyone, here you go. When I was atnbsp;IHOPKC, […] [READ MORE]

LIVE Worship Video from The Prayer Room - "Beautiful"
October 1, 2017

The past few months, there’s been a trend of worship leaders at The Prayer Room making a Facebook Live video as they play. I was super nervous at first, but I finally did a few myself. (If you’re my Facebook friend, feel free to look them up!) One day we […] [READ MORE]

Why the Beauty of Jesus is My Life Message
September 22, 2017

A few years ago, someone asked me what my “life message” is. I don’t remember what my answer was at the time, but having taken some time to think about it, I think I know. My life message is the beauty of Jesus.

As I put it on my teaching resources page:

I want people to see the supremacy of the beauty of Jesus in a way that makes their hearts come alive with love for Him and catches them up into the Story of what He’s doing in our generation.

First, here’s what I mean by the beauty of Jesus.  [READ MORE]

3 Truths That Keep Me Coming Back to the Prayer Room
June 12, 2017

…And None of Them Are Actually About Me. I’m five years into this prayer room lifestyle now. And to be honest, every day is not sunshine and rainbows and oceans of glory. Motivation is sorely lacking sometimes. So when I’m not feeling it, here are the core truths that keep me […] [READ MORE]

The Miracle Internship That Almost Didn't Happen
June 9, 2017

Ever since the conclusion of our spring Immerse internship, we've been hard at work laying plans for our summer Immerse internship. At last, it's time and WE HAVE AN INTERNSHIP! That in and of itself is such a miracle. The past few weeks have been a figurative roller coaster. [READ MORE]

Revive Texas is Underway!
April 25, 2017

We’re now officially on day 11 of Revive Texas since we launched witth an evening rally on Sunday, April 16. Monday through Saturday, people from 340+ churches, plus lots of Time to Revive’s own staff and missionaries, have been going out in teams of four to share the gospel across DFW. The strategy is simple […] [READ MORE]

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