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The Great Injustice
July 6, 2014

The Great Injustice

Jesus’ worth is incomparable and immeasurable; He is glorious without match.  This means that He is due the highest praise and fullest measure of abandonment.  Our Great God is worthy of the deepest level of love expressed by 100% of the population of the Earth all praising Him night and day forever with no break, and more.  Anything less than this is a great injustice in light of who He is.  This of course is not the case hardly anywhere.

Heaven understands His worth however and so the city of the New Jerusalem is established around His throne and He is worshiped unceasingly with great extravagance.  There countless millions of angels that surround Jesus and declare His worth, and they never cease to cry out (Re. 4:8, 5:11). But currently the majority of the planet is far from God and quite uninterested in Him as the one who is most worthy of praise.  The heart of he Lord is seen through the Psalms as all of creation is commissioned to worship the Lord.  The majority of creation does not even recognize the one true God, let alone worship Him with the measure of attention He is due.

Jesus is the Author of Life (Ac. 3:15) and the creator of all things (Is. 40:28); we are talking about the very reason for life and He’s not being worshiped constantly.  We have 24-hour drive through tacos but the Author of Life isn’t receiving 24-hour praise.  We have Muslims worshiping a demon (Allah) five times a day every single day but the redeemed, who will live forever because of God’s infinite mercy, have done nothing to insure that the Author of Life is worshiped as He should be; unceasing adoration would only be the beginning.  The scripture says that a time is coming when the whole world will be filled with His glory and that the sound of His praise will be found in every place.  The stated destiny of the nations is to praise God perpetually just like Heaven does (Hb. 2:14; Ma. 1:11; Mt. 6:9-10) and yet as of right now we are not.

We want to be confronted with the serious void that currently exists on this topic.  There is a major gap between the reasonable, necessary and called for establishment of 24-hour corporate worship realities that declare the worth of Christ and the current near nonexistence of those places. 

Brad Stroup
Director of The Prayer Room
Arlington Texas