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Why are we doing this?
September 6, 2010

For those of us who have decided to give ourselves to The Prayer Room, and for those still considering; it is of super value that we would all be on the same page as to why.

Here are some great Secondary reasons that are NOT primarily why we do this:

  • To have a lively place to fellowship and enjoy God together.
  • For this area to have a well (a place of healing/deliverance/teaching/ refreshing/ etc.) from which to drink.
  • Because the Bible says prayer is good and that we should do it (close, but not exactly our main reason).

All of the above certainly play into God’s purposes, but we do this foremost because the Lord Jesus is worthy of the most lavish offering we can give Him and because He desires that there would be 24/7 prayer and worship in the cities of the Earth before His return.  We therefore labor toward this end without reserve; we overcome all obstacles because nothing is so great that it should get in the way of that reality.

I just want to honor the leadership team at The Prayer Room, they are a rare breed of humanity. They give themselves to serve both the Lord and all this region by building the Lord’s House with such diligence and sacrifice.  They have less in life as a result, they are unfairly busy, they have to put up with much hassle from men and demons and I honor them as those who contend for the faith in our generation.

The Lord wants night and day prayer from His people (Le. 6:12; Is. 62:6-7; Lk. 18:1-8), and He is most certainly worthy of it.  I think that one of the most valid and beautiful expressions of love for Jesus in our day is a life given over to seeing that dream become reality and then that reality sustained until He comes.

All for the Beautiful Man King Jesus!

Brad Stroup


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