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Studies in Revelation
September 25, 2010

I believe that when “the sky is rolled back like a scroll” in Revelation 6:14 it remains rolled back for the duration of the events of Revelation.  That is that whatever this rolling back looks like it is not ever unrolled and so this event would leave an open window into Heaven thus allowing the inhabitants of the Earth to see what transpires there.
If this is true then here are some of the way that it would play out…
1.     The sky is left rolled back would then leave the thrown room of Heaven exposed (Re. 6:14-16)

2.     It is likely that this rolling back of the sky would be over Jerusalem (as all of the Bible is Jerusalem centric) meaning the context of these activities is over the Middle East / Israel.

3.     The silence of Heaven would be viewed and realized by the world that is mourning the previous 6 Seal Judgments (Re. 8:1)

4.     The 7 Angels coming forth and being handed the 7 Trumpets would be visible (Re. 8:2)

5.     The Angel with the golden censor hurling the fire from the altar to the Earth would be seen as coming through this window (Re. 8:5)

6.     Each of the Trumpet Angels would be seen actually blowing their trumpets (Re. 8:7, 8, 10 , 12, 9:1, 13, 11:15)

7.     The eagle flying overhead warning the Earth about the three Woes would be something that the people of the planet could see (Re. 8:13)

8.     The 7 Angels being handed the 7 Bowls of wrath would be seen by men (Re. 15:1, 7)

9.     Then the 7 Angels with the 7 Bowls would travel trough this window into the earthly realm in order to “go pour out” their bowls on the elements (Re. 16:1, 2, 3, 8, 10, 12, 17)

10. The Two Witnesses would go up to Heaven through this window (Re. 11:11-12)

11. Jesus would begin His procession through this window with all the angels and saints of Heaven following Him (Lk. 21:7; Re. 19:11, 17:14)

12. The New Jerusalem would descend through this same window (Re. 21:10)

13. These events being visible to mankind would account for the “terrifying sights” that cause men to faint from fear (Lk. 21:11, 26).  Men anticipating what is coming on the earth would be in accordance to what they first see in Heaven and understand to be the following affects.


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