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Where Have All the Cowboys Gone? - The Calling Forth of Forerunners
August 9, 2011

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

The Calling Forth of Forerunners

There is coming a time when everyone will know that God is real, atheism will be far from the thoughts of mankind.  During this timeframe, while the existence of God will be universally known men will choose by and large to worship Satan instead. Currently we live in an hour where very few have a practical theology, for most God is not real or at least not relevant.  We must recognize the magnitude of deception required for such a transition to become reality.  We must gird ourselves up making ready for far more evil days.  Deception is brewing of such a force that when men see God with their own eyes they will choose to covenant with darkness rather than follow the God of infinite kindness (Re. 6:16-17, 9:20, 16:11).  Deception.  Deception.  Deception.  We need to have a revelation of the hour we live in, the hour just before the great storm of human history.  Where are the forerunners?  Where are those who understand, those who will be prepared when the great trouble hits?  Preparation only comes at a high price.  There is no other way; a life of prayer, fasting and focused study is required if anyone wants to have understanding in that day.  It’s not impartable simply by hanging around people with clarity, you can’t get it from the latest best selling book, and a casual approach will yield only minimal results.  Now is the hour for the forerunner to arise, those committed to gaining clarity about how to navigate the coming trouble.  God is calling out to this generation to see who will respond, to see who is paying attention to the signs and His command to be prepared at His coming (Mk. 13:32-37).  Do you hear His voice speaking to you about these things…if so join with us; really throw your lot in with us as we seek the Lord together and build a greenhouse for training the forerunners of the last days.


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