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Raising a Community to Take Care of this City
September 3, 2011

I'm weighted with the sober reality that trouble is soon coming to our nation, which incidentally means that it's coming to my city.  I'm hit with the reality that God leaves so much in the hands of the saints to deal with and steward.  The revelation hit me that I am helping to raise a community of people who will in many ways take care of this city at it's lowest point in the coming days.  It is a season to prepare for whats on the horizon.

Our Families:  What about when the members of our family are terrified and confused and mad at God?  What are you going to do?  Are you going to have anything to give them, any comfort, any clarity?

Community:  What about when economics are nearly non existent and food and possibly shelter are scarce?  Will we be a people who are tightly knit enough to provide for and strengthen each other, will we be able to offer any help to others in need or will we still all be islands unto ourselves concerned only with our family unit?

The Church:  What about when the Church is filled with confusion and deception has taken it’s toll on congregations, where they call good evil and call evil good?  Will you have anything to say?  Will we be a beacon of light in that darkness?  Will your voice make any difference?

Devastation:  What about when there are dead bodies littering the streets and not enough infrastructure or concern to clean them up?  Are you going to be able to stomach that?  Are you going to be able to lead in the midst of that?  That is really coming, and someone is going to have to lead and help the masses make sense of what is going on.

Government:  What about when our government begins to mandate wickedness?  Will we be able to stand under it without cracking?  Will we stand for truth when truth costs us dearly and when it seems that no one else is?  Our city will crumble without righteousness shinning forth, will DFW crumble?

Judgments of God:  What about when the judgments of God are in the land?  Will there be a sufficient core of people crying out day and night here in Dallas Fort Worth to ensure its continuation as a city?  Will we have taken intercession seriously enough for long enough to have covered us?  Will DFW be a pocket of mercy, a place of God’s sovereign protection as we are praying or will it be treated just like the rest of the Earth to whom God promises destruction?

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