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God Bring an Awakening
September 4, 2011

I'm ready for an awakening here in our city.  There is so much about our Christianity that is nominal.  I know God desires to see our hearts set ablaze and that we all long for a move of His Spirit where our dead hearts would be made alive.  I'm praying that God would visit us in power and awaken hearts by His presence, that the first time visitor comes into the prayer room and gets hit by the Spirit in a dramatic way, in a way they have never known, maybe that they never believed in.  Then after a hour or so of deep encounter with God they get up off the floor alive, transformed, hungry, awakened.  How many of us have just been going through the motions for years, how many bored Christians are there within just 35 miles from this Missions Base?  I just want to see hearts made alive.  I'm grateful for the couple dozen in our midst that have experienced that awakening, but what about the Church at large?  I want to see something that goes far beyond the walls of TPR.  It doesn't have to start here, we don't have to lead it I just pray that we'd be able to be part of it.  And it makes sense to me that if the Lord is going to come and visit a region that He would target those places that have been contending for revival, so yes I want it here at The Prayer Room.  Oh God come visit Dallas Fort Worth and pour your Spirit out at TPR!

Brad Stroup
The Prayer Room Missions Base

"If we are to become the International House of Prayer that Jesus spoke of in Mt. 21:13, then we had better be found actually praying."