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Friendship With God
February 7, 2012

Friendship With God

What about Abraham made him to be called God's friend (2Ch. 20:7; Jm. 2:23)?  I want to be God's friend. Whatever that relationship looked like I want it.

Abraham's Part:

  • Abraham Believed God
  • Abraham Followed God's Instruction
  • Abraham Made Costly Decisions for God
  • Abraham Kept the Covenant God Made with Him

God's Part:

  • God Spoke to Him
  • God Gave Him Stuff
  • God Made Him Promises
  • God Made Him Prosperous
  • God Protected/Defended Him
  • God Treated Him with Favor
  • God Said that He was Abraham's God


Pretty simple I guess, at least on paper.  Let's seek God like Abraham did and then expect the reciprocated friendship that Abraham had with God.


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