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Revival in the Baptist World
February 23, 2012

I had a most unusual and encouraging experience the Arlington pastors luncheon we heard from a man who carries a true burden for revival.  Bill Elliff of Little Rock AR, a Baptist pastor (in his late fifties I'd guess) presented the most provoking exhortation on revival I have ever heard in evangelical circles.  He is launching a prayer initiative called One Voice that I'd encourage all of you to go check out (  It's an effort to help provoke and resource leaders (his influence is predominately a Baptist reach) to cry out for a great spiritual awakening in our nation, 3rd Great Awakening kind of scope.  He has an extraordinary heart; as he passionately spoke about our great need for revival he broke into tears several times trying to convey the apparent futility our efforts have thus far gotten us.  

His message was very familiar...  

  • it's not going to be another program that fixes our problem  
  • we need a great awakening  
  • we all need to cry out in prayer for God to move  
  • we need to be meeting daily  
  • there is blood guilt on our land and God is going to increase His judgments on us if we as a people don't turn to Him  
  • we are in trouble because of the millions of abortions this nation has committed  
  • he spoke of Hernhut Germany and the Moravian 100 year prayer meeting

Ummm...I was encouraged.  So you know what I did?  I asked him to come speak that's what I did!  I can't wait for him to come tell us his stories of revival hitting their Baptist church and how as a congregation they have begun regular prayer initiatives. This man is going to be used mightily in the Baptist circles to evoke revival and prayer where ever doors are opened for him and I want for us to be friends (we need what this man has).  

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